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Mohan Subramaniam is a graphic designer specialising in Advertising Arts, Illustrations and Photography, initially starting his career in advertising and graphic studios. His love for movies and comic book art soon set his sight on animation. Although most of his projects are in producing various animated projects, Mohan Subra also worked as creative director for projects producing various brochure designs, flyers, styleguides and other promotion materials.

Mohan Subramaniam is also an illustrator and Producer. He has directed and produced various commercials, short films and DVD features.

Brochure and book design
Brochure, flyer, stationery and post card
Brochure, DVD and CD covers
Comic book art design
Brochure design
Flip up and cut-out Brochure design
Brochure and design
Book design
Brochure design
More to come
More to come

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All rights by Mohan Subramaniam 2009

All rights by Mohan Subramaniam 2009