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Mohan Subramaniam, as an animation director. Below are some of his projects. Mohan works for various studios in the UK and Asia as a creative consultant which includes concept development, pre-productions, character designs and storyboards.

TVC Rani Orange Board 1 TVC Rani Orange Board 2
Dante TV feature Board 1
Dante TV Feature Board 2
Dante TV feature board 3
Dante TV Feature board 4
TVC Twxs chocolate Board 1
TVC Twxxs choclate Board 2
TVC Durex Maricat Board 1 TVC Durex Maricat Board 2
Promo Dreamer Board 1 Promo Dreamer Board 2
Coco Pops TV Commercial  


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All rights by Mohan Subramaniam 2009


All rights by Mohan Subramaniam 2009