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Mohan Subramaniam is a Creative Director based in the United Kingdom. His work is mainly in the field of animation.

A dynamic leader and mentor with the clarity of vision and purpose to implement effective initiatives and strategies which will develop corporate reputation and integrity. Excellent at communicating succinctly and precisely, with humour, in order to motivate, influence and build positive relationships with colleagues and clients. Skilled at developing team spirit and enhancing creative potential in others so that the workplace is always vibrant and alive with exciting possibilities. Successful at resolving challenges with clear and creative solutions.

30 years’ experience in the animation and creative industry, managed various international creative projects which include clients like Home Plate Entertainment, Cartoon Network, Disney, Caribara Studio, Nick India, Toonz Media Group and MTV.

After completing his secondary education, Mohan pursued a course in Advertising Art and Photography where he drew inspirations working with his classmates and flipping through reference books by international designers like Jean Michel Folon, Patrick Woodruffs and Paul Leith. During this time, Mohan soon developed a passion for movies and became increasingly absorbed in the works of great directors like Akira Kurosawa, Orson Wells and Satyajit Ray.

Mohan soon realised that all his enthusiasm with comic book art, converged with his design knowledge and movies could only mean a career in animation.

In 1980, Mohan made a bold move to Australia and began an apprenticeship with Burbanks Animation studios in Sydney. Within two years, he works his way up to become an animation director. He returned to Singapore and started his own animation studio call Animata Productions. For the next sixteen years, Mohan produced award-winning commercials for various advertising agencies all over Asia as well as directing shorts and indents for broadcasters like Cartoon Network.

“Those were my most excited and creative time of my life’ recalled Mohan on his collaboration with Cartoon Network, winning the station 18 Promo Gold awards in various festivals around the world. Inspired by this creative partnership, he became more interested in creating contents and developing IPs.

In 1999, Mohan accepted an offer to work for Toonz Animation India, as their Creative Director in Kerala, India. Inspired with the proposition to develop contents, produce TV serials, he was also solely responsible for maintaining quality and standard on all projects. Mohan began motivating the team in creative workshops. Under his direction, the studio produced a short film entitled, “The Stone Crusher” for UNISEF which won gold award in 2000 in LA.

In 2001, Mohan moved to the United Kingdom. Being a natural entrepreneur, he eventually set up his own business in 2005 and has been working as a consultant for various clients in the UK, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Mohan conducts various workshops on animation, self motivation and creativity for Cambridge and De Monfort University in the UK, for Toonz Academy in India and for Global Digital Corporation in China. He has also been invited as a jury in Animatu Festival in Portugal and guest speaker in Hiroshima Animation Festival in Japan and Animation Fiesta in Singapore.

In 2007, Mohan created and directed a Pre-school TV Series call “Patch Pillows” in partnership with Global Digital Corporation in China based on his idea about friendship and good values. The 58 episode serial is now been distributed by Cyber Group of France.

In 2014, Toonz Animation India, the studio that he help set up 15 years ago, invited him to take on a role as Chief Development Officer. He will supervise and motivate a team of talented designers to develop contents for leading broadcasters like Cartoon Network, Disney and Nicktoon in India.

In 2016, Mohan return to the UK after setting a development unit in Toonz. The unit succesfully pitched 3 concepts which were commissioned by Disney India as TV series. A fMohan was also invited to supervised

Mohan Subra is married with 3 adult children, all completing their universities. He is a strict vegetarian, loves trekking or driving through country roads, loves playing music, enjoys movies, golf and English seasons.

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