Scope of consultancy:

Creative Development:
Having worked on various studios in the UK, China, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Mohan is involved in various development projects. He also consults for Asia studios on pre-production in the UK, sourcing the right directors, script editors, voice-over talents and music composers.


Many studios in Asia are seeking production partners with UK studios. Mohan can advice and provide guidance if there’s a need for production partnership from full animation productions or on specify areas like supervising layout, backgrounds, Modelling, rigging, flash animation, etc.


With over 25 years experience working in Asia and in Europe, Mohan Subramaniam understands clients need. He represents some of the finest studios in Asia with a solid track record for international service productions and at the same time maintaining quality at a competitive rate. If there’s a need to outsource animation production whether it’s commercials, TV serial productions and gaming, Mohan Subra can help find the right partner for you in Singapore, Malaysia, China and India.


Co-production deal:
Mohan Subra is constantly looking out for co production deal, providing that vital link and strategic alliance between UK and Asian Studios. He has recently produced 78 pre-school animated series with GDC in China and Agogo Entertainment in Hong Kong.He is also working with MDA Singapore to produce Local and foriegn productions.

Working closely with the creators, Mohan has worked on various intellectual properties designing bibles, mock-ups, concepts for merchandising

Training and Workshops:
With over 25 years in animation production, Mohan Subramaniam understands that training and motivation is vital to stay creative. He provides master classes for animators and specific workshops for colleges and academy, mainly in India with the support from Cambridge University as their consultant.


Graphic Designs:
Mohan Subra is also increasing involve in designing graphics for his clients.He also provide creative consultancy for agencies in Asia.


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