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Chai Chai Wins TV Award!

Chai Chai, a chase comedy created by Toonz Media Group wins the coverted prize, "Best Animated TV Series " under the studio/professional category at the 24FBS 2016 Award held in Mumbai. The TV series was developed with the creative team under the supervision and mentoring of Mohan Subramaniam when he was appointed as the company's Chief Development Officer. Mohan role was to help kickstart the development unit.


"The Boss" Short Film selected for Reed's Final!

The short film produced and animated by Mohan Subramaniam is selected to the final round of Reed's Short Film Competition. The annual event organised by Reeds management UK, attracted hundreds of entries from acround the UK and Europe. Mohan designed and animated the 3 minute sequence. Music was composed and arranged by Micheal Tedstone of Manike Music. To see the film click here.


Patch Pillows wins Best Childern TV series in Cannes!

Patch Pillows, a TV series created by Mohan Subramaniam and Steven Ching wins Kid's Jury awrads for pre-school category in Cannes. In conjunction with Mip Junior licensing Challenges, three juries of children rate a selection of programmes aimed at their age group. Patch Pillow is a co production between Global Digital Creations and Green apple animation and distribution is by Cyber Group Studios.

Photo: Steven Ching (holding the award and Pierre Sissman (in Blue) collected the award.


Patch Pillows gets into Productions.

Created by Mohan Subramaniam & Steven Ching, Patch Pilows gets into production with the support of Global Digital Creations, an animation company in China and Green Apple animation in Singapore. Mohan will direct the 78 episodes working in Chongjing in China. Photo: Mohan briefing the GDC team before they start production.

Photo: Mohan briefing the GDC team on the concept.


Seminars for Toonz Academy! (India)

Toonz Academy celebrated their 10th anniversary with a one day seminar on the "Future of Animation: conducted by Mohan. The event was held for 8 days at 12 various venues across India. Students, parents and professionals were treated to a multi media presentation presented by Mohan. Workshops were conducted on stage with the participation of the audience. A Q&A session followed at the end the session.

Photo: Mohan conducting the seminar in Bhopal.


Mipcom and MDA. (Singapore)

Mohan attended Mipcom on the invitation of Media Development Authority (MDA) of Singapore. He has been helping MDA's partners establish ties with European producers. Many of them were in Cannes attending the event.


Photo: Mohan and delegates at the lunch orgainised by MDA.


Workshop in Shanghai (China)

Mohan was invited to conduct a workshop in Shanghai with Animation Services. The two day workshop was on creativity: East meets West. A special presentation developed by Mohan was shown to the key stuff of the studio.

The presentation was challenging as the team don't speak English. A translator had to speak to the team after each sentence. There was a Q&A session after each workshop. The team found the presentation very informative.

Photo: Mohan speaking to the Shanghai Team.


One day in China!

China really impressed me with their amazing infrastrauture in Technology and Media parks. Quality of living standard are pretty high with shopping malls, restuarants, clubs. and luxtury cars.

However, what trilled me the most was visiting their heritage sites. I walked on the wonderous Great Wall, sneeked into the forbidden City, the Chinese Imperial Palace from the Ming Dynasty and stood proudly at the Tiannamen square. What a day!

Photo: Mohan at the entrance of Forbidden City.


Workshop in De Montford University

I did two workshops for the final year animation student in De Montford University. The first workshop was more of a pitch by the student on their final term assignments. Student presented their pitch with various media presentation. Mohan spoke about the important of a good pitch which is nesassary in their future careers.


Photo: Mohan with De Montford lecturers.


Judging for Animatu Festival (Portugal)

The Animatu festival is held annually in the countryside town of in Portugal. Mohan was invited to be in the panel together with another animation professional from San Francisco. It was a five day visit in this beautiful country.

The first 2 days were mainly sorting out and reviewing all the films from entries all over the world. The 3 day was juding the entries suitable for completition. It was a long a tedious session. The next two days were screening of international films and films in competition and the award ceremony.

Photo: Mohan with the organisors of Animatu.


Masters in Animation and Illustration (UK)

In 2012, Mohan got a Masters Degree in Animation and Illustration. It was a full time course where he juggled various work projects and still managed to attend classes three days a week. Mohan says " it's great to be a student again. Hanging out with the other students and exchanging ideas was a real treat".

His projects included an insulation and two short films.

Photo: Mohan at the convocation.


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All rights by Mohan Subramaniam 2009