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Mohan Subramaniam/illustrations

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Mohan Subramaniam uses both traditional and digital media in his illustrations. His distinctive vibrant illustration works well for a variety of subject matter for children’s publication, editorial, web and advertising. Although Mohan started his illustration on paper, he is now comfortable in creation all his illustations digitally on a tablet. This method allows for quick turnaround from brief ,draft and final illustration, making it cost effective and efficient. Mohan Subramaniam's illustrations is clearly influences by earlier Indian folk art and mural painting technique call Mitala. His illustration is also influences from works by graphic designers like Jean Folon, Tomi Ungerer, Peter Max, and Paul Leith.

Trained as a graphic designer, Mohan Subramaniam is also an animator, director, storyboard artist and producer.. He has directed and produced various commercials, short films, DVD features and TV series.

Other illustration styles by Mohan Subramaniam

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